Certified Quantum Consultants

We created a page where clients can verify who has successfully completed the Quantum Life Course and have qualified as Certified Quantum Consultants. This page is to provide their contact details and we encourage you to contact them should you feel you need a Quantum Counselling Session. Please note that this is merely a list of Certified Quantum Consultants for verification purposes, these Consultants are not employed by The Quantum Academy or Healthy Vibes and work independent from The Quantum Academy or Healthy Vibes. We do however verify that if a person is listed on this page, that they have met all the requirements and passed all the exams to become a Certified Quantum Consultant. We hope to see this list grow as more and more students are enrolling to complete the Quantum Life Course.

  • Elna Kleynhans | +27871044849 | elna.kleyn@gmail.com

  • Elzaan Da Camara | +27768583854 | elzaan10@gmail.com | thequantumacademy.co.za/pages/healthy-vibes

  • Gerbrand De Beer | +27829034858 | info@gscoaching.co.za | gscoaching.co.za

  • Natanja Kruger | +27767817254 | emotionalequilibriumsa@gmail.com | emotionalequilibriumsa.com

  • Salomie Van Der Vyver | +27828421377 | info@salomi.co.za | www.salomi.co.za

  • Susy Lacruz | +31624102398 | svcruz@live.nl

  • Suzelle Fourie | +27730665864 | arisetolife8@gmail.com

  • Johann De Kock | +27723552965 | johann@bestlifetherapies.com | http://www.bestlifetherapies.com/